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Infants’ solid foods, such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, and meats, as well as some selected formulas will be supplied by our center.  Infant bottles are also supplied by the center. Each infant will have their bottles marked with their names. They will be washed and sanitized after each use. We will replace the nipples as needed and as your child grows. We use standard type bottles, lids and caps with appropriately sized nipples.

Due to the many brands and types of bottles it is not efficient for us to store, clean and keep track of the many types of bottles for you. If you choose to supply your infant’s bottles they will be rinsed out and returned to you daily. You will be responsible for cleaning, sanitizing and returning enough complete bottles for the next day. (We can’t wash and sanitize any personal bottles) Please supply at least 3 complete bottles per day for your child, this includes caps for each bottle.
We do not allow children to use bottles or pacifiers after the age of 1. Children/infants are not allowed to be on the floor with either of these due to the high occurrence of sharing! (children who are new to the center may have pacifiers and use bottles while they are acclimating to their new environment.) Bottles will never be propped up in beds and we will not put cereal in the child’s bottle.  Please do not ask the staff in the infant rooms to do this as it is against our policy.

Imagination Station provides the following formulas:
Similac, Enfamil w/lipids and Isomil Soy all fortified with Iron
If you choose to use a brand of formula that we do not supply, it will need to be purchased and provided in its original sealed container for opening at our center. It will then be labeled with the child’s name, the date opened, and used prior to the expiration date and in most cases used within 30 days.

Formula will be prepared daily according to the manufacturer’s directions and
refrigerated, but discarded within 24 hours when  mixed with water.

Breast milk must be labeled with the child’s name (please use first name and last initial) and the date it was expressed and be provided daily, unless frozen in sterile baby bottles or bottle liners. (we prefer frozen in individual freezer bags) If provided frozen, the milk will be placed in a container and kept frozen until ready to use. It will then be thawed with hot water or allowed to thaw in the refrigerator (not in a microwave oven) and if not used, discarded or returned to the parent daily. It will not be refrozen.
Again, it is the parents’ responsibility to inform the management at this center if your child/children have any known allergies to food, textiles, animals, chemicals or pollens.

We use fresh cooked & blended foods whenever available. We also use Gerber or Heinz strained baby foods. We do not use commercially blended foods like Chicken noodle dinner or cereal and bananas. However, we do use vegetables and fruits that are mixed, such as garden vegetables or apricots with mixed fruit. These foods do not have added fillers, salt or sugars. We do not allow outside foods for children.

We do not feed these to children under the age of 1 strawberries

If you have any questions, please stop by or call us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.